I work with children and adolescents ages 2 to 16.

After therapist assesses the case and discusses it with client and parents they decide on the modalities of treatment which might include Individual, conjoint and/or family therapy depending on the family and client's needs.

Parents and therapist might also decide that the child does not need therapy at the moment or that they would prefer to start with improving their parenting techniques and strategies. That is great, in many cases parents only utilize my services as a parenting educator and we work together in order to develop an individualized parenting plan for their family with the objective of making their job as parents easier, less stressful, and hopefully much more rewarding.

Child and Adolescent Individual Therapy

Therapist and Client sessions

In this modality of treatment the client (the child or adolescent) will participate in individual sessions with therapist. Therapist will utilize her knowledge and ability to make the child comfortable and to allow the therapeutic alliance to develop. As the relationship between therapist and client unfolds the client has opportunities to become aware of his issues and of working on improving areas of difficulty.

Conjoint Therapy 

Therapist, Client and another Family Member sessions

In this modality of treatment therapist will conduct sessions with two family members. Conjoint therapy

can be provided to the child and a parent; to siblings or to the child and a relative in need of working on specific issues with the child.

Family Therapy

Therapist and Family Members sessions

In this modality of treatment the whole family is the client, as all family members participate together in the sessions.

Family therapy can be extremely productive with a good dose of talking and playing. It should be a fun, relaxed and interactive experience for the whole family, not a dull and serious debate.

While conducting family therapy I utilize specific play activities that can break the ice, remove barriers and make family members comfortable enough to work through difficult issues.

Toddler Therapy

Toddler and Therapist sessions and Toddler and/or Parent and Therapist sessions

Toddler therapy includes more active participation of parents during sessions. Some sessions will be with toddler and therapist only and others with the parent's participation for its whole duration or part of session's time. 

Parenting Program

Working on an individualized parenting plan

At times parents need to take some time to "re-organize their house" as to review what is not working well, what can be improved and to learn new tools and strategies to deal with their children.

As parents we all share a common goal: to make family life better and more enjoyable. This parenting program focuses on the implementation of positive methods of discipline and on improving the connection between parents and their children. The program is individualized and tailored to the parents and family's needs., values and preferences.

During our meetings we will talk about what is causing stress and what is going well. We will review the family's values, household rules, organize the family's routines and implement a coherent plan that includes tools for motivation, rewards and consequences.

Parents and therapist will also discuss the role of the parental unit, how the parents are working together and how they can be more effective despite possible differences in temperament an parenting style.

During the parenting program parents and therapists will work together to enhance the individual's and the family's quality of life while sharing their experiences and reflecting about their expectations as parents.

Supervision and Consultation

I am a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor offering individual supervision to professionals working toward their license as Play Therapists. The supervision hours will count towards the current RPT or RPT-S credentialing program.

I also offer consultations to professionals wanting to discuss cases and explore different clinical scenarios within the filed of play therapy.