Raphaella Croccia, LMFT, RP​T-S:

Psychotherapy and Parenting fee: $160 per 45 minutes sessions, $260 per 75 min sessions. 

Initial assessment/Intake fee: 60-75 minutes $260

Supervision and clinical consultation to professionals fee: $130 per meeting.

Lauren Schade, M.A., AMFT:

Psychotherapy fee: $ 130 per session.

Initial assessment/intake fee: 60-75 minutes $215

Court Ordered Therapy: Our office does NOT take court ​ordered cases, high conflict divorce cases and that we do not provide custody recommendations or letters to the Court of any kind.

Sessions are conducted in-person.:

The work with children involves art, play and the presence of the child in the therapeutic environment is an essential component of it. Telehealth sessions are offered only to already established clients on special circumstances and provided through a HIPPA approved platform. 

Duration of sessions: 

Most Sessions are 45 minutes long, however in some cases the client benefits from longer sessions and meets with therapist for 75 minutes.

Parenting program: 

Every family is unique and we all have personal abilities and difficulties as parents. Our parenting program is tailored to the parent's needs. The goal is to provide parents with the support they need to continue their parenting journey. That could be instruction to implement a full parenting plan or simply to provide parents with a set of interventions to address a specific issue. 


Initial assessment/intake

It is important that parents and therapist take the time to talk thoroughly about your child's history, needs, areas of concern and treatment goals. The parent's intake process might take a few sessions prior to the beginning of the child's treatment. This meeting is 60-75 minutes long. 

Initial Consultation:

We offer a free of charge face-to-face 20 minutes initial consultation to prospective clients who are considering working with us. We believe that it is important that the whole family (clients and their parents) take their time to make that important choice. During the initial consultation parents and children will visit our office space and have the opportunity to know more about the therapist's work.  We believe that 20 minutes is a reasonable amount of time for an initial contact. However, If you would like to discuss your child's current issues more in depth and to hear the therapist's initial impressions about your child's case it is suggested that parents schedule an initial full session.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that the consultation is an informal meeting and that the therapist's legal implications toward the client will only start after legal Consent to Treatment is established and our Office Policy is fully discussed.

Methods of payment:

We accept cash and personal checks.

If you would like to use a credit or debit card you will be responsible for an additional processing fee of about 3.5%.

Insurances accepted:

  • ​TriCare - Military Families WELCOME!
  • Cigna - WELCOME!
  • PPO plans: If you don't have one of the insurances I accept but you have a PPO plan you might be partially reimbursed for the cost of the treatment.

That is because most PPO plans allow the client to seek treatment with professionals out-of-network or not contracted with them. If that is your case I can give you a receipt or "superbill" that you will submit to your insurance in order to be reimbursed.

Please inquire if you have out-of-network benefits for Behavioral Health (Psychotherapy) and get to understand the benefits of your insurance plan before contacting me.

Some important questions to ask your insurance provider are:

What is the deductible for your policy (amount of bills you must pay before your insurance provides coverage)?

What amount or percentage your insurance will pay/reimburse you for each session?

What is/is there the maximum number of sessions allowed per calendar year?

What is/is there the maximum amount paid for sessions per calendar year?

Which diagnoses they cover (you will need to be given a diagnosis in order to receive reimbursement for therapy services)?​