Being a parent is a great joy and a great challenge.

 As parents we need to be patient and consistent, firm and loving, to provide guidance and choices, to be attuned to the child's emotional and physiological needs, to help the child develop self-control, to foster a sense of security and closeness, to understand the child's emotional language, to understand child development …. and that comes on top of all our own emotional, physical and financial needs!

 It is my job to support the parents and what they are going through in their roles as the central attachment figures of their children's lives. In my relationship with my client's parents I provide psychoeducation, information about their children's developmental stages and emotional needs, neurobiology of the brain, positive parenting, and interventions on strengthening their parent-child bond. 

 The work that is done during the child's therapy sessions can be beneficial and result in positive outcomes. However, parental participation is essential for the child's treatment to be effective and to carry a long lasting effect. 

The cooperative work between therapist and parents often results in creating an elevated sense of trust, security and closeness between parents and children.