Welcome to my site and to my practice. 

My name is Raphaella, a hard-to-pronounce Brazilian name, my friends and clients call me Rapha ("Hoffa", phonetically). 

I am the owner of Child Therapy San Diego, a practice dedicated exclusively to children and teenagers.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor in the state of California.. 

The LMFT credential refers to a licensed mental health professional who has earned a Master's degree in Psychology and holds a practicing license as a Psychotherapist in California. My RPT-S credential indicates that I have specialized training and practice in Play Therapy, that I am certified in this modality of treatment and that I am a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor by The Association for Play Therapy.

I work exclusively with children and adolescents ages ranging from 3 to 17 years and their families. In my practice I honor the therapeutic space of the client (the child/adolescent) while working closely with the parents and providing them with individualized support, resources and parenting education. My experience tells me that the child's treatmnet benefits from their parent's participation thus the collaboration process with parents is a cornerstone of my practice.

Childhood Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Loss, Childhood Trauma and Parenting Education are my areas of expertise.

I am trained in the most current and relevant modalities of treatment and techniques for helping children overcome their fears, traumas, developmental and behavioral issues. Some of those are: Play Therapy, EMDR and TF-CBT (more info about those in the "resources" link). I am also a certified parenting educator for the evidence-based parenting program "The Incredible Years".

Sometimes there is no immediate need for the child to be in therapy but the parents need a plan to conduct their parenting and to engage with their family in a more effective way. In this case I offer an individualized parenting program that is tailored to the family needs (more info see my "services" page).

My experience as a child and family therapist includes working with intact, divorced or separated families, military families, blended families, multi-racial families, same-sex parents, adoptive and foster families. I enjoy working with children of immigrants and I have worked with children raised by their grandparents, children of same sex couples and children of single parents.

The modalities of treatment used in the might include individual, conjoint and family therapy. We will discuss these options in detail and decide together on a treatmnet plan that can be most beneficial.

Sessions can be conducted in English, Portuguese and Spanish..

Exciting News for 2021 -

My practice grew and for the first time I have a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate working with me, her name is Lauren Schade. You can check on her page for more information. 

Lauren has completed her Master's program (in fact she owns two Masters degrees already) and works as a registered pre-licensed therapist under my direct supervision. Lauren and I make a good team and if you consider working with her your case will count on the brains of two therapists: mine (as her supervisor) and hers!

Lauren accepts CIGNA Heath Care Insurance.